Make sure your home stays healthy

*85% of families across the country struggle with reduced quality of life due to health and safety issues stemming from poor home performance and most don’t even realize it. Your family may be part of the 85% at risk for these health and safety issues.

Ask yourself the following:

Do I, or other members of my family, already experience symptoms such as musty odors, temperature differences between rooms, other comfort issues, drafts, evidence of too much moisture, insect problems, etc?

Do my family and I plan to stay in our house for more than 1 year?

Is anyone in my family having allergy flare ups or asthma inside the home?

Has the smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors in our home been tested to be operational?

Can I think of other things I or my family could spend money used on utility bills if they could be reduced?

Is it important to me that I am “ahead of the curve” on maintenance costs for my family's home?

Do I think it’s worthwhile to invest some time in the inspection process to know that my family's health and safety isn't being put at risk by my house?

We like to ask home owners what the downside is in getting our no-cost certified health and safety inspection. If your family is being impacted by one or more of these issues, or you are unsure if your home isn't negatively impacting their health and safety... how important is it for you to know? Schedule your no cost certified home inspection today!

*Sources include: 2013 Harvard JCHS Remodeling Report, National Association of Home Builders citation of 2012 Eye on Housing Aging Report, The DOE’s Introduction to Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® by Jason Bogovitch, and the DOE’s History of the Weatherization Assistance Program