Don't guess.... KNOW what to do next!

What's the first step?

The nonprofit Snug Home Program starts with a brief interview with your family and a thorough visual health and safety inspection of the home conducted by a certified home inspector. Typically, this type of inspection costs $300 but we provide this service at no cost as a way to identify risks to your family and connect you to resources. This whole process is overseen by the nonprofit so that it is centered in what your family's needs are.

This step is critical as it allows us to work with your family to uncover what level of risks may be present as well as determining what the next best steps are in the best interests of your family.

The inspection process focuses on four key areas related to your home’s impact on your family:

1. Health

Are any of the systems in your home allowing dynamics that could compromise your family’s health?

This includes indoor air quality related to mold, mildew, and other things you shouldn’t be breathing. These airborne contaminants can greatly increase allergies and asthma, along with other respiratory issues.

Other concerns include natural gas leaks or persistent low levels of carbon monoxide that don’t set off detectors but are harmful to your family.

2. Safety

Are any of the systems in your home causing your family to be less safe than you should be?

This includes items such as smoke alarms and other detection equipment, potential fire risks, and an evaluation of your ability to get in and out of the house safely in the event of an emergency.

3. Comfort

Are any of the systems in your home causing your family to be less comfortable than you should be?

Comfort is an interesting topic for two reasons.

First, when it is lacking, it causes relational tension or other consequences like loss of sleep.

Second, it generally points to other home performance issues that are more significant, as a lack of comfort is a symptom; not a cause.

4. Maintenance Costs

Are any of the systems in your home causing your family to deal with excessive or unexpected maintenance costs?

This ranges from your monthly utility bills to deteriorating structure or sudden roof leaks. These costs often force families to spend money they planned for other things, like vacations or things that improve their quality of life.

In short, you can identify and prioritize maintenance properly when you get a clear picture of your home’s overall performance, allowing you to be in control of the maintenance cycle rather than being surprised by it.

The Snug Home program has 3 main steps:

  1. No-Cost Certified Inspection ($300 value)
    Our Certified Home Inspector, as a part of the nonprofit team, conducts a detailed visual inspection of your home with the aim of giving you a clear understanding of the health and safety risks for your family directly related to your home’s performance as well as the rewards for taking action.

  2. Diagnose root causes
    The Certified Inspector will be able to give you an understanding of any critical priorities while they are at your home.

    If you decide that you want to make any upgrades that are supported by the Snug Home Program, we’ll conduct an even deeper inspection called a Comprehensive Home Performance Assessment as a part of that process. This will involve thermal imaging, blower door testing, and a number of other technical measurements of the home’s performance.

  3. Connect you with resources to solve the problem permanently
    Once we’ve completed your inspection, we give you a clear pathway to solutions.

    Remember, we are not contractors. We don’t install upgrades. Our role is to identify the right set of solutions for the health and safety of your family, then to connect you with resources that are available from your utility company or other local programs. We’re kind of like architects… we lay out the plan, then help form the team that implements it.

    Lastly, we verify that they did the job right by “testing out” the project after it is completed. We can bring a vetted contractor to the table, if that’s your desire. We can help you understand the pricing for upgrades. We can help you connect to rebates and other financial incentives that exist in your area. We can help you identify the best specialized financing for your project.

    Our goal is to provide the best support possible for the health and safety of your family through proper home performance with sureity that the issues were handled properly under the oversight of the Snug Home Program.